S… for smiles you created with each sight of you

S…for sunshine radiating with your showing, even in rain

S…for songs your voice discovered singing

S…for sunflowers turning toward the sun with shades of secrets kept

S…for simplicity that is your love

S…for shadows in which you moved

S…for stories shaped by you

S…for silence saddening your spirit

S…for suicide stealing you away

S…for Shelby


Open Letter to Black Female Airman

Open Letter to Airman who sat During Colors and Raised Her Fist:

This is a letter to the young black American woman who video-taped herself sitting during colors and then raised her fist at Naval Air Station, Pensacola: the Cradle of Naval Aviation. Her statement that bodies are lining the street and she’ll stand when America has her back followed her stance.

This letter is to her. As a young black American woman, she erroneously feels America owes her something, that America should have her back. Not only is her position steeped with lies, her position shows an utter lack of knowledge of history.

When a person, of any color, male or female, voluntarily – of their own accord – joins the United States military, they take an oath to uphold the Constitution and to defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Nowhere in that oath are the words, “… only if America has my back.” The United States Navy is there to have America’s back, not the other way around.

She also stated, “I don’t not respect the men and women who serve — who I serve alongside.” My message to her is her respect – or lack of respect by her actions – is irrelevant because she was afforded respect long before she was borne.

Bigger than her egocentric ignorance is, regardless of the oath she took, this young woman – when she sat there and raised her fist – spat in my face and all the hundreds – thousands – of women – of all color – who served before her. Women who served in a time when women faced real discrimination, not perceived discrimination. Those women made it possible for me to serve, and as such for her to serve.

I served during a time of few women in a male dominated rate. During my first “A” school, I marched to class with the “I wish all the ladies… (repeated by the all) were pies on a shelf… (repeated by all) and I was a baker… (repeated by all) I’d eat’em all myself…” With other cadence lines of similar nature following.

During this same period, I was told by my first class instructor that if I didn’t sleep with him, he’d make my life hell. And hell he made my life because I did not sleep with him.

At one command, my LPO called me in his office and told me he wanted me to live with him and watch his daughter. I refused, and life was not easy at work.

At each command, I had to prove myself as a woman – not a sailor – but as a woman. Each command I was greeted with the mentality that I was like the “other” women, and if they happened to be the kind of sailor who whined or couldn’t pull their load, I was determined to be as such. I had to prove two things: that as a woman, I could work just as hard as the men, and that as a sailor, I was just as worthy to wear the uniform because I could – and did – carry my weight, and toolbox.

At my first command, I had the misfortune – and stupidity – of dating an abusive sailor. When I ended up at medical with a bruised face, I was asked what happened… I told the doctor what happened. The next day, I sat in front of my (female) Division Officer (LT) who said to me, “Well, you deserved what you got.” No action was taken against this sailor.

Yet through it all, I never thought America was bad or that I was owed anything. I succeeded, I worked hard, I did what I had to do… and I followed the UCMJ.

This is the history this young woman is missing. So when she sat there, videotaping herself sitting during morning colors, raising her fist – and then posting it online – she spat on my service, because it was my service and the women who served before and after me who made her service possible. I served before this young woman was even born.

The (female) Chief, who served as my Company Commander in boot camp, served well before this young woman’s parents even met. To have been a female United States Navy Chief in 1988 would have been no small feat, yet because of her, I could serve. Because I served, others could serve and as the years went by, the path became less filled with grenades, thorns and holes… for what? So this young woman could sit on a bench during colors with fist raised on a Naval Air Station in 2016.

Discrimination: she doesn’t have a clue.

As far as the bodies lining the streets: the majority of the bodies are put there by other people of like color, not the police. Oppression: she can’t begin to know the meaning of the word.

And the saddest part of all is the United States Navy has become so politically correct, this sailor will not be held accountable for her actions as she will be allowed to transfer to her next command… according to the PAO, they are more concerned with educating sailors about the perils of social media, not the UCMJ, and it will continue until the U.S. Navy gets tested and fails… and ships sunk… and lives – of all color – are killed because of the lack of leadership and accountability the U.S. Navy now holds as the standard.

Hillary’s Lip Service to Women

As a young attorney, Hillary Clinton represented Alfred Taylor in a rape charge against a 12-year-old girl. It was definitely her duty as the selected attorney to offer a vigorous defense but the way in which she discussed how she got Taylor off is most revealing.

In audio recordings, she can be heard laughing about never trusting polygraphs again and light-heartedly discussing how the prosecutor mishandled crucial evidence in the case. Her tone, her nonchalant attitude, the airiness in her voice is void of any seriousness in which the case demands. A young girl’s life was completely destroyed by what this man did to her and while he had a right to counsel, the way Hillary recounted the case is void of any real emotion or concern for the victim. It is also telling of Hillary’s character in the way she went after the child’s character, maligning her on the stand. It wasn’t enough just to defend the man, she stooped to the sub-ground level of attacking a child who had been raped.

At a recent New Hampshire event, Hillary was asked about her recent tweet that all sexual assault survivors deserve to be believed.

“But would you say that about Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and or Paula Jones? Should we believe them as well?” a woman asked Hillary.

Hillary’s response?

“Well, I would say that everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence.”

In other words: believe only when it’s convenient and dismiss when it’s not; take a stand for women when it requires nothing; but when it requires sacrifice, blame the victim.

Evidence of Bill using his position of power for decades to have sex with women abounds, whether they were willing participants such as Monica Lewinsky or not, such as Juanita Broaddrick, who recounted Bill’s flippant remark about icing her gnawed lip after he was done.

It was and has been reported that during the Monica Lewinsky affair, when Bill’s other conquests came out, Hillary went on a warpath, doing everything in her power to eviscerate the women who accused Bill. Blaming them and then blaming it all on some “right-wing conspiracy.”

When Donald Trump recently mentioned that he will go after Bill should Hillary send him out on the campaign trail, the media jumped on the bandwagon of defense for Bill and Hillary. First with stating a candidate’s spouse is off limits and then attempting to downplay the fact that Bill is indeed a man who abused his power to get in the pants of whomever he wanted, with Hillary standing by her man.

CNN anchor Deborah Feyerick began a segment on this topic with,
“First of all, can we set the record straight? Is Bill Clinton sexist or does he simply like women?”

Following that “it’s no big deal” question with, “He had some very high powered women in his cabinet. Everybody from Ruth Bader Ginsburg… Attorney General Janet Reno, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright… So is he sexist? Is that a fair criticism?”

As if having Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, or Janet Reno as the Attorney General and Madeleine Albright as Secretary of State meant he wasn’t a womanizer. Besides, these women didn’t exactly fit the profile of the women Bill sexually sought out.

But it’s a double standard that has been applied since the Clintons burst on the national stage of politics. Dismiss and justify what they do; destroy the victims and Republicans.

Remember during the 2012 election when Mitt Romney was skewered because he stated he had a book full of women he could use to fill cabinet positions?

Remember when Todd Akins, a Republican Senate candidate, was forced to resign because he made a comment about “legitimate rape?”

Remember in 1998 when former Time contributor and White House correspondent Nina Burleigh said, “I would be happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.”

Well it seems back then there was at least one woman who donned her kneepads to pleasure Bill. A young intern who was publicly humiliated by Hillary, calling her a narcissistic loony toon.

And while Monica was willing, there were far more who weren’t.

Then there is her term as Secretary of State while her husband was the face of their foundation: The Clinton Foundation. While Hillary was supposedly chastising Middle East countries for their lack of rights afforded to women, she and her husband were accepting millions of dollars on the back end from these same countries: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Algeria and Brunei.

She supports women so much that she didn’t ask that Chelsea Clinton work hard to garner that coveted $600,000 annual contract at NBC. How many women were passed over for a Clinton who had no experience in the field of journalism and according to reports, didn’t produce any news worthy pieces?

Of course these are just normal dealings for the Clintons and the media is happy to play along to ensure the first woman, or more clearly, the first Democrat woman gets elected as U.S. President.

So I suppose Hillary does stand for two women: herself and Chelsea.

The rest of us… not so much, because the Clinton’s – especially Hillary’s – dealings with women is how I know she is not serious about women’s issues, especially sexual assault. The media’s and the liberal establishment’s responses are also how I know the two groups aren’t particularly concerned with women’s issues either. It seems the only time they express concern is when they can bash Republican men or women, meaning, the same standard isn’t applied to those within their own ideological sphere – and this is how I know they aren’t concerned at all.

We are just pawns to be used to ensure her coronation. Nothing more.

And then there’s her wonderful love of the military… but that’s a topic for another musing.