All the Presidents’… Flaws

Disclosure: Contains foul language.

A recent Instagram photo is making its way around the wonderful world of the internet via social media. It can be viewed here

“Oh Lord, please… Keep this vulgar, pussy grabbing, wife cheating, porn star fucking, pathological liar, as our Evangelical Leader…”

The language on a photo of individuals praying over President Trump. The topic of this post is not the prayer, it is the description of the president. What struck me as amusing is that the photo of President Trump could be swapped with many U.S. presidents and the description would be just as apropos.

Let’s take Barack Obama. He was the king of pathological liars. The following link documents the many lies, and other oft-ignored actions, of the former president: Obama’s ability to smoothly speak and manipulate the media through his charm and good looks enabled him to escape the most scathing of reporting. Yes, the media covered Obama’s lies to an extent, but only marginally, and nothing like how it covers President Trump. If the media reported on Obama the way it does Trump, Obama wouldn’t have had a second term. Obama was also known for his use of profane language.

Bill Clinton: Pussy grabbing, wife cheating, pathological liar – under-oath liar – and rapist (my addition), yet… cue birds chirping, crickets playing their sad tune to an empty forest.

Lyndon B. Johnson: Vulgar, pussy grabbing and all-around racist. I do believe this president is number one when it comes to being a disgusting human being. He was notorious for vulgar behavior, e.g. making water while a female present. In other words, he whipped out his penis, aimed it at a corner washbasin and unloaded his bladder while giving dictation to a female secretary – yes, she was right there in the office. He relished, enjoyed shocking people with such behavior and this behavior was definitely not a secret. He treated his wife as a servant, and other women as commodities to be fondled and screwed at will. Oh, and theft of seat – yes, not even stealing an election was too low for this man who would become president. As for Vietnam, I’ll just let that one be since it goes without saying he has the blood of thousands on his hands for that “conflict” because he didn’t have the courage to go before Congress to actually have war declared, and he was a wuss once committing American troops and did everything he could to ensure America did not win. Read The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Volume III by Robert A. Caro for all the details of this boor’s ill behavior.

John F. Kennedy: My favorite serial womanizer and wife-cheater. And lest it only be that, he would never have been elected president if it weren’t for the mafia. Yes, the same mafia his brother targeted is the one and same that ensured his election. But hey, he was assassinated so he gets a pass on every wrong deed.

Other presidents who belong to the wife-cheating club: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Warren Harding, and Grover Cleveland.

Presidents who allegedly cheated on their wives or grabbed themselves some booty: G.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, and Dwight Eisenhower.

Point? We elect imperfect people to be the president. I do not support any of the aforementioned actions, but it does amuse me when people suddenly find their moral compass. Of course, it’ll last as long as Trump is president and then it will find itself back in the bottom drawer.







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